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In 1994, observance of LGBT History Month first began in the United States. Many countries join us in recognizing our history month in October. We have a long and rich history with recorded LGBT people and cultures dating back to ancient civilizations. There are early epics and poetry, Kings and Queens throughout history, and celebrations of “our kind” throughout recorded time. Many people and generations celebrated and other times suppressed.

It is important to recognize and celebrate our history. Take some time out this month to appreciate those who have walked this path and realize we are not alone. Read a book of our history. Learn about the first bookstore to open. Know about some of our great LGBTQ authors and poets. What did each generation encounter? See how far we have come in our contributions and struggles. And, learn about a part of our history that you individually connect to and can relate.

“If you want to understand today you have to search yesterday.” Pearl S. Buck

We have a rich and long history that we can take pride in.

The Logan Pride Foundation Board